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Recent Musical Guests and Clinicians Include:

  • Sarah Bach (LA Free-lance and Studio)
  • Annie Bosler – Movie “1M1: Hollywood Horns of the Golden Years” (Colburn School)
  • Genghis Barbie (Danielle Kuhlmann, Rachel Drehmann, Wei Ping, Alana Vegter)
  • Steve Durnin (LA Free-lance and Studio)
  • Allen Fogle (LA Free-lance and Studio)
  • Doug Hall (San Diego Symphony)
  • Jiří Havlík (Czech Philharmonic, Czech-American Horn Duo)
  • Tom Hiebert (CSU – Fresno)
  • Ronald Janezic (Vienna Philharmonic)
  • Knights Chamber Orchestra – New York (Wei Ping, Michael Atkinson)
  • Louise MacGillivray (LA Teacher/Performer)
  • Dan Nebel (US Air Force Band of Flight)
  • Jeff Nelsen (Indiana University)
  • Brian O’Connor (LA Free-lance and Studio)
  • Laszlo Seeman (University of Miskolc, Hungary)
  • Adam Unsworth (University of Michigan)
  • Jeb Wallace (Wichita State and Wichita Symphony)
  • Daniel Wood (QUADRE Horn Quartet)

Past Musical Guests and Clinicians Include:

  • Rachel Berry
  • Lisa Bontrager
  • Dale Clevenger
  • James Decker
  • John Q. Ericson
  • Kathy Eisner (Canada)
  • Fred Fox
  • Lowell Greer
  • Michael Hatfield
  • Thomas Jobstl (Austria)
  • Sean and Pamela Kierman (South Africa)
  • Susan LaFever
  • Larry Lowe
  • Pete Nowlen
  • Joe Ognibene
  • Jeff Powers
  • Wendell Rider
  • James Thatcher
  • David Thompson
  • Michael Thornton
  • Rick Todd
  • TRADOC U.S. Army Band Quintet
  • Charles Waddell
  • Frøydis Ree Wekre (Norway)

If you are interested in giving a clinic for the UCSB Horn Studio, please contact Dr. Steven Gross